Don’t wait until the ship has sailed. Get in early to create an optimally healthy company culture

How a Christmas Day meditation helped me (reluctantly) find a positive perspective on 2021

Heilooerbos, my go to ‘bos’ (forest)

Tangible ways to increase trust in your workplace — and why it matters.

Getty images.


How where we burn out can hold emotion and trauma — and how to prevent burnout recurring when you return to work

A personal piece on why these two words mean so much to me right now.

Wandering in Azerbaijan, 2018.

Özgün Ünver reveals what causes burnout in academia — and how to recover from academic burnout.

Spoiler: burnout is not your fault.

Leadership expert Suzi McAlpine on what leaders can do to shift company culture and put an end to burnout.

Sally Clarke

Author of Protect Your Spark. Wellbeing & burnout expert, coach, writer, speaker. Global adventurer in yoga & meditation, surf & hiking. she/her

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