The ‘B R N T’ Burnout Prevention and Recovery Framework Part 2: Rest

The second step on the B R N T wellbeing and self-awareness path: take rest and restore your energy levels

Sally Clarke
7 min readApr 25, 2024

When we are stuck in stress mode, our body constantly focuses on dealing with whatever is threatening us. When we are under the kind of chronic workplace stress that causes burnout, we become stuck in this mode for so long it depletes our physiology and brain function. That’s why staying self-aware and ensuring our ongoing wellbeing hinges on rest.

When we rest, we allow our body and mind to heal and return to healthy equilibrium. And this healing is essential to our ongoing wellbeing.

The second component of the B R N T model for wellbeing, self-awareness and burnout recovery is Rest. It has three components:

  1. Create a healthy sleep practice;
  2. Build rest into the every day; and
  3. Take breaks from work to genuinely disconnect.

Make healthy sleep your priority

In modern society, sleep is characterized as the enemy. The idea prevails that sleeping less makes you more productive. In the mid to long term, the opposite is true. Healthy sleep and rest are key to…



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