The 4 Steps to Burnout Prevention and Wellbeing

The B R N T framework helps you prevent burnout, heal after burnout, and fiercely prioritize your wellbeing.

Sally Clarke
3 min readApr 12, 2024
The epitome of wellbeing for me: hiking in the Sierra Nevada

Most of my research focuses on the organizational causes of burnout, and the solutions leaders can use to identify and eradicate those causes.

And yet, burnout happens to individuals. It happened to me. Going through it prompted me to write two books about burnout — one focused on the steps you as an individual can take to protect your precious spark from burnout. And another to outline a path to healing and evolving after burnout.

“Burnout happens to individuals. It happened to me.”

A framework for wellbeing

What is the opposite of burnout? When I ask people, responses vary from ‘presence’ to ‘health’ to ‘a sustainable career’. The most common response, though, is ‘wellbeing’. And this makes sense.

When we experience wellbeing, that is a state of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, we are calm, relaxed and able to deal with the stressors that life throws us. In other words, we are not trapped in the cycle of chronic workplace stress which causes burnout.



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