‘B R N T’ Wellbeing Framework Part 1 | Breathe

The first step on the B R N T burnout prevention and recovery path: harness the wisdom of your body and breath

Sally Clarke
7 min readApr 18, 2024
Breathe, the Joshua Tree National Park version

Few of us are taught how to tune into the inherent wisdom of our body as part of our education system. For some, this disconnection between body and awareness has deep roots.

Perhaps you suppressed your hunger to control your weight. Maybe you overrode tiredness to maintain an arduous sports schedule or study for exams.

Your body is the wisest, most miraculous tool you will ever use. To harness its wisdom, you need to treat it with care and compassion.

This first step to wellbeing, burnout prevention and recovery, and deepened self-awareness — Breathe — helps you create a strong and deep connection with your body. It has two aspects:

(1) Use a breathing practice that helps your body find calm, and

(2) Adopt a form of gentle movement that nourishes and replenishes you.

As you connect with your body through breath and gentle movement, you learn to recognize and heed its signals. This helps you to set and keep healthier boundaries and make more self-aligned decisions.



Sally Clarke

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